Myanmar is a maize producing and exporting country among 163 maize producing countries in the world. Myanmar has exported 300 to 400 thousand MT of maize annually. As the demand for maize has been increased annually after the period of 2009, local maize production has been tried to have more year-round production . The harvest period of maize in Myanmar is commencing from August/ September and in full swing during October/ November.

Maize crop are produced regularly in Northern Shan State, Mandalay Region and Ayeyarwady Region. Nowadays quality seeds have been change in production. Up to 2008, Myanmar has exported over 300 thousand MT of maize annually to Malaysia and Bangladesh through oversea trade. Presently, 73 private companies have exported Myanmar maize mainly to China through border trade. Myanmar maize has been sold collectively at Muse (China Border) as per pres

Myanmar maize has been sold collectively at Muse (China Border) as per prescribed specification. A maize specification has been set up as per international standard. Myanmar maize has been exported over 280 thousand MT to the countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Bulgaria and Spain.

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